Gas and Diesel Fuel Additive

Fuel Direct is without question dedicated to presenting superior fuel performance modern technology for improving gas consumption, reducing harmful emissions, and enhancing the duration of all gasoline and diesel motors.

Xp3 is the only multifunctional diesel fuel enhancer in the market. It was developed to improve diesel and fuel oils (from #2 to #6).
Xp3 is a combination of synthetic resins and organic compounds. It does not contain any aromatics or naphtha.
Xp3 is 100% biodegradable.
Reduces fuel consumption
Stabilizes light and heavy oils
Disperses the existing water in the fuel
Largely reduces fumes and emissions
Has a detergent and antioxidant effect
Is an effective biocide
Improves the pour point
Reduces the corrosion problems generated during and after combustion
Reduces maintenance costs.

Get Xp3 Fuel enhancer and accomplish cleaner atmosphere and better fuel economy.

Start out saving some money the next time you fill up.

With the cost of petrol and certainly diesel fuel rising plus the costs of repairing a vehicle increasing, drivers seems to be asking for proven, environmentally safer approaches to get monetary savings at the station and increase the life of their engines. Xp3 is a professional grade fuel enhancer made out of a combination of manufactured resins in addition to all-natural compounds. Xp3 works effectively for all varieties of gasoline and diesel fuels, and now have proven to cut down fuel consumption, maintenance and repair expenditures, and more than that lower harmful emissions.

Validated overall performance with every tank

Discovered records ever since 1989
Distributes well over $3 billion annually commercially – you will know it truly works
Never harmed a single engine – make use of with confidence
100% naturally degradable – Xp3 definitely is safe and secure regarding the world’s environment
Actually costs an individual 1000s every twelve months Not to ever utilize Xp3

Formulated to improve the performance of your very own motor vehicles

Improves combustion to increase engine power
Cleaner running engine
Decreases corrosion to expand the life span of your engine
Disperses moisture with respect to better running engine
Improves engine starting and prevents per-ignition
Improves the stability, lubricity in addition to detergent regarding fuel
Keeps from fuel gelling and freezing

Be Green. Drive Clean.

Lowers quantities of unsafe emissions
Xp3 serves as a mixing of synthetic resins and all-natural ingredients
Contains no alcohol, aromatics, or naphtha
totally biodegradable
Environmentally friendly

The component of the diesel engine is it’s own fuel injection equipment and naturally the major enemy of this type of equipment is inferior quality diesel fuel plus the purely natural question of condensation build up that every diesel engines struggle with. These Xp3 fuel additive dissipates virtually all h2o that often forms in the tank. There is clearly no other fuel additive is able to do the same. In just only a few tank fills while running our diesel fuel additive can certainly reverse build up of dirty fuel that gums your engines fuel injectors. This will probably increase your engines life span while improving your fuel mileage by up to 22%. The benefits nicely out way the cost of our fuel additive, reducing up-keep costs while leaving your engine cleaner with fewer journeys to the auto technician.

Although the average tractor-trailer fuel mileage is around 7 to 8 miles for each gallon (MPG) and may not seem to be impressive, it’s actually vast improvement over older designs that hardly noticed no more than 2 to 3 MPG. Per 100,000 miles a rig now should go through well over 12,000 gallons of fuel. At $4 per gallon it without a doubt will cost just one single trucker $48,000 in fuel per each 100,000 miles. There have been a few reports of up to a 20% increase in fuel mileage your savings could exceed $9,600. Even though we don’t endorse our users findings without extensive proof, we do guarantee you will at least get a 5% increase in fuel mileage. And considering it only cost you about 2% to treat your fuel, you are already getting a return on your investment, while increasing your performance and reducing your emissions.  We can carefully mention we could definitely save thousands every year, each and every tractor trailer. In the event you have a fleet of trucks, you now see the bottom line financial savings.

What Does It Mean To Use Green Energy Sources?

Green energy is a hot trend today. Many people who have made the switch are saving a lot of money on their energy bills, and are taking an active role in saving the environment. Is this right? This article will show you tips for making green energy part of your life, and show you the details you need to make the appropriate decisions yourself.

When battery chargers and other electronics are not in use, unplug them. Many chargers for various electronics continue to draw electricity even if they are not plugged into a device. The energy usage is not as high, but it wastes electricity and adds up to a considerable amount over time.

Install a shower heat that is made to conserve water. You won’t notice a difference in the feel of your shower, but you’ll save a lot of water. Your water bill will reflect how much water you are saving.

Get a water-saving toilet. Some estimates show that up to half of all the water used in your home is flushed right down the toilet hole. With the older model of toilets, the amount of water consumed each time they are flushed is 5 gallons; however, the newer, water-saving models consume only 1.6 gallons per flush, which will yield a saving of approximately 70 percent in your annual water consumption.

When you calculate the solar panel needs of your home, figure out the hours of sun you get in the winter. You will have more than enough energy during the summer months, while avoiding falling short during the winter. Also, if you make use of the net usage plan from your electric company, you will get returns from your utility company for generating energy during summer.

Demand green energy technologies, and help to lower their cost. All consumers have the power and right to encourage technologies that are environmentally friendly. If your voice is heard, and your vote is in the balance, the prices on green alternatives will be forced to go down. This will also tell companies who aren’t engaging in environmentally safe practices that they need to change or they’ll lose you as a customer.

Now that you have read this article, what are you thinking? Do you think that green energy is a good thing for you? Use the tips from this article in order to begin to find out for yourself just how much better your life will be. Implement the tips today and see how well green energy works for you. And don’t forget to do your part towards a cleaner fuel while saving you money with Xp3 Fuel Additives. Another fuel additive blog roll.